CEB Committe on Evolutionary Biology

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The Committee on Evolutionary Biology (CEB) is a unique interdepartmental and inter-institutional graduate student training program dedicated to the study of Evolutionary Biology. Faculty and students in the program are engaged in interdisciplinary studies at time scales that range from single generations to the entire history of life and at organizational scales from the molecular to the global.

Max Winston


Max Winston

My work centers on understanding evolutionary dynamics across broad spatial and temporal scales. The continuity and extent of many known evolutionary processes remains an open question in evolutionary biology, and thus investigating the spatial and temporal reach of different evolutionary mechanisms informs their relative contribution to the generation of global biodiversity. In my research, I employ novel techniques in de novo genomic assembly to gather large genomic datasets that can be used across these broad scales in non-model organisms. My dissertation work focuses on elucidating these processes in Neotropical army ants (genus: Ection), a group of keystone predators with large colonies of sterile individuals that collectively hunt, kill, and transport their prey.

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