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Fellowship Opportunities

U.S. Department of Education Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Grant

P200A090336: Graduate Training in Evolutionary Environmental Biology
3 GAANN Fellows/Year

The Committee on Evolutionary Biology has been awarded another Department of Education GAANN training grant in Evolutionary Environmental Biology. Trainees are selected based upon their research area and their demonstrated financial need. All successful CEB applicants will be considered for a position on this training grant—no special application is necessary.

Responses of natural and managed biotic systems to environmental change are among the most important issues facing the nation this century. Addressing these issues requires biologists and geologists trained to undertake research across a broad spectrum of spatial and temporal scales, to communicate their results to diverse audiences (including policy-makers), and to train future generations of scientists along this interface. Recent national reports show that few Ph.D.’s are being prepared to answer this national need. Meeting this challenge requires a multidisciplinary educational program that includes ecology, genetics, conservation biology, systematics, paleobiology, anthropology, and climatology. Our GAANN program engages outstanding faculty in all these disciplines. A comprehensive program to recruit, mentor, and graduate underrepresented minority and women students according to §648.40, and to evaluate success of the program, helps to ensure the Fellows’ success.

The GAANN Fellows train in a coordinated program including:
  1. cross-disciplinary courses focused on evolutionary environmental biology,
  2. structured opportunities to learn from biologists, geologists, and policy-makers addressing applied ecological problems,
  3. intensive teaching and innovative internship opportunities, and
  4. group interactions at annual GAANN student-faculty retreats.
GAANN Retreat:

The GAANN Retreat is an annual event initiated and organized by the graduate students. This event provides an informal forum for presentation of student research results, with feedback from fellow students and faculty, and for a roundtable discussion with faculty on career development. All students and faculty interested in evolution are invited to attend!

Meet some current GAANN Fellows: