CEB Committe on Evolutionary Biology


Satie Airame
Hussein Al-Asadi
Michael Alfaro
Julie Alipaz
  • The Nature of Incipient Speciation in Drosophila, 2001

  • Advisor: Chung-I Wu
  • Fluidigm Corporation
    Associate Director of Consumables Production
John Alroy
Jacob Roman Arguello
Courtney Babbitt
F. Keith Barker
  • The evolution of cooperative breeding in Campylorhynchus wrens: A comparative approach, 1999

  • Advisor: Barry Chernoff
  • Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
    Associate Professor
    University of Minnesota
Allison Beck
  • The Locomotor Evolution of the Non-Mammalian Synapsids, 2004

  • Advisor: Michael LaBarbera
  • Advisor: James Hopson
  • Black Hawk College
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    Moline, IL
Peter Bergstrom
Nicole Bitler Kuehnle
Richard Blob
Nicholas Block
  • Cryptic Diversity and Phylogeography in the Bernieridae, an Endemic Malagasy Passerine Radiation, 2012

  • Advisor: Shannon Hackett
  • Stonehill College
    Assistant Professor
    Easton, MA
John Bolt
  • The osteology and relationships of Doleserpteon annectens, a new rhachitomous amphibian from the lower Permian of Oklahoma, 1968

  • Advisor: E.C. Olson
Melinda Brady
Sara Branco
Anne Bronikowski
Katherine Brooks
Jutta Buschbom
  • Evolutionary history and processes underlying contrasting reproductive modes in the lichen-forming genus porpidia (ascomycota), 2003

  • Advisor: Gregory Mueller
  • Institute for Forest Genetics and Forest Plant Breeding
    Federal Research Center for Forestry and Forest Products
    Working Group Ecological Genetics,Großhansdorf
Cindy Lee Carlson
Ana Carnaval
Roberto Cipriani
Wentworth Clapham Jr.
Anne Clark
Dale Clayton
Melissa Cogan
  • Interspecific and ontogenetic analysis of feeding morphology in the Old World fruit bats (Pteropodidae), 2001

  • Advisor: Lawrence Heaney
Phyllis Coley
Rachel Collin
  • Evolution of mode of development in Crepidula (Gastropoda: Calyptraeidae): Causes and consequences, 2002

  • Advisor: Barry Chernoff
  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Panama
    Staff Scientist/ Director
    Bocos del Toro Research Station, Panama
Andrew Crawford
  • The Evolution and Maintenance of a Color Pattern Polymorphism in Neotropical Frogs, 2000

  • Advisor: Martin Kreitman
  • Department Biological Sciences
    Associate Professor
    Universidad de los Andes
John Damuth
Daniel Davison
  • Inferences about the evolutionary history of geographically structured populations; the intersection of population genetics, biogeography and systematics, 2006

  • Advisor: Shannon Hackett
  • Myriad Genetics
    Principle Software Engineer
    Salt Lake City UT
Alexander Dehgan
  • The behavior of extinction : predicting the incidence and local extinction of lemurs in fragmented habitats of southeastern Madagascar, 2003

  • Advisor: Bruce Patterson
  • Conservation X Labs
    CEO, Co-Founder
    Washington, DC
Rebecca Dikow
Andrew Dosmann
Amy Driskell
  • Molecular Systematics, Biogeography, and Evolution of the Meliphagidae (Passeriformes), 2001

  • Advisor: Barry Chernoff
  • Advisor: Stephen Pruett-Jones
  • National Museum of Natural History
    Barcode Project Manager
    Smithsonian Institution
Shane DuBay
  • The ecology, evolution, and environmental history of birds in natural and human impacted environments, 2018

  • Advisor: Bates, John
  • Advisor: Price, Trevor
  • University of Michigan
    Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Junior Fellow and Assistant Professor
    Ann Arbor, MI
Deren Eaton
Gunther Eble
Kenneth Emberton
  • The evolution of multiple sympatric homeomorphy among three genera of land snails, 1986

  • Advisor: Michael Wade
  • Advisor: Alan Solem
Nora Espinoza
Juliana Feder
  • Experimental analysis of second chromosome lethals in natural populations of Drosophila americana, 1984

  • Advisor: Lynn Throckmorton
  • Institute for Biophysical Dynamics
    Executive Administrator
    The University of Chicago
John Finarelli
Victoria Flores
  • The Roles of Male Chemical Signaling, Conspecific Scent Preference, and Social Structure in Fringe-Lipped Bats, 2018

  • Advisor: Patterson, Bruce
  • Advisor: Mateo, Jill
Michael Foote
Raymond Franson
  • Below ground interactions between plants, 1989

  • Advisor: Douglas Schemske
  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources - Hazardous Waste Program
    Lee’s Summit, MO
Matthew Friedman
Gary Galbreath
Anjali Goswami
  • The Evolution of Morphological Integration in the Mammalian Skull, 2005

  • Advisor: John Flynn
  • The Natural History Museum, Department of Life Sciences
    Research Leader, Honorary Professor of Palaeobiology, University College London
Walter Greaves
  • Functional anatomy of the mercoidodont head (Mammalia: Artiodactyla), 1971

  • Department Oral Biology
    Retired Affiliate
    University of Illinois at Chicago
Emily Greenfest-Allen
David Grossnickle
Annat Haber
  • Morphological Integration in the Ruminant Skull: Macroevolutionary Aspects, 2010

  • Advisor: Mark Webster
  • Steinhardt Museum of Natural History
    Data curator
    Tel Aviv, Israel
Paul Harnik
John Harshman
Glenn Hausfater
  • Dominance and reproduction in baboons (Papio cynocephalus): a quantitative analysis, 1974

  • Advisor: Stuart Altmann
Matthew Heintz
Lorraine Heisler
Amy Henry
  • Spatial Pattern and Dynamics in Alternative Ecological States: an Examination of Competition for Space Between Two Ecosystem Engineers, the Seagrass Zostera japonica and the Sand Dollar Dendraster excentricus/, 2017

  • Advisor: Tim Wootton
  • University of California Irvine, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Associate Project Scientist
    Irvine CA
Daniel Hooper
Leslie Hornig
  • Mechanism and evolution of facultative sex-ratio biasing in Norway rats , 1995

  • Advisor: Martha McClintock
Richard Horwitz
Kimberly A. Hughes
Gene Hunt
  • Phenotypic covariance through geologic time: micro- and macroevolution in the deep-sea Ostracode genus Poseidonamicus, 2003

  • Advisor: Michael Foote
  • Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
    Research Geologist and Curator of Ostracoda
    Washington DC
Jeffrey Ihara
Steven Irvine
Mark Johnston
Carrie Grimsley Jones
John A. Juskevice
  • Interspecific correlation and association in benthic marine communities, 1969

Christian Kammerer
Traci Kantarski
Keith Karoly
Matthew Keirle
Katherine Kelley
  • Coupled evolution in a phylogenetic context: covariation of coloration and chemical defense of tiger beetles, 1997

  • Advisor: Barry Chernoff
  • Advisor: Stevan J. Arnold
Brandon Kilbourne
Dallas Krentzel
Benjamin Krinsky
Lucinda Lawson
Elizabeth LeClair
Daniel Lerman
Lee Hsiang Liow
  • Oddities, Wonders and Other Tall Tales of “Living Fossils", 2006

  • Advisor: Scott Lidgard
  • Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis
    Associate Professor
    Natural History Museum, University of Oslo and the Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo.
Rowan Lockwood
Katharine Lofdahl
David Lofsvold
  • Quantitative genetic studies of morphological divergence in Peromyscus and Drosophila populations, 1986

  • Advisor: Russell Lande
Susan Longest
Richard Lupia II
  • Palynological record of the Cretaceous angiosperm radiation: diversity, abundance and morphological patterns, 1997

  • Advisor: Peter Crane
  • Advisor: Susan Kidwell
  • University of Oklahoma, School of Geology & Geophysics; Dept. Botany and Microbiology; Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural Hist
    Associate Professor; Adjunct Assoc. Prof., Assoc Curator, Paleobotany and Micropaleontology
    Norman OK
S. Kathleen Lyons
Paul Magwene
Jonathan Marcot
Susan Margulis
Charles Marshall
  • DNA-DNA hybridization, morphology, and the fossil record of sand dollars: phylogeny and rates of single copy DNA evolution, 1989

  • Advisor: David Raup
  • Advisor: Hewson Swift
  • Department of Integrative Biology
    Professor, Philip Sandford Boone Chair in Paleontology
    University of California at Berkeley
Jane Masterson
Daniel McShea
James Mead
Joshua Miller
  • The large-mammal death assemblage of Yellowstone National Park: historical ecology, conservation biology, paleoecology, 2009

  • Advisor: Susan Kidwell
  • Department of Geology
    Assistant Professor
    University of Cincinnati
Jonathan Mitchell
Shaibal Mitra
Lisa Castillo Nelis
Matthew Nelsen
Kara Nuss
F. Robin O'Keefe
Link Olson
  • Systematics, evolution, and biogeography of Madagascar’s tenrecs (Mammalia: Tenrecidae), 1999

  • Advisor: Bruce Patterson
  • University of Alaska Museum of the North; Univ. Alaska Fairbanks Dept. Biology & Wildlife
    Curator; Associate Professor
    Fairbanks AK
Daniela Palmer
Ariel Pani
Craig Pease
A. Townsend Peterson
Patrick Phillips
Rosamund Potter
  • Alcohol dehydrogenase in the virilis group of Drosophilia, 1983

  • Advisor: Hewson Swift
  • Biological Sciences Collegiate Division
    Retired College Senior Lecturer
    The University of Chicago
Molly Przeworski
Surangi Punyasena
Michelle Rafacz
Trina Roberts
  • Divergence, diversity, distance, and disequilibrium: Comparative phylogeography of six Philippine fruit bats (Chiroptera; Pteropodidae), 2005

  • Advisor: Lawrence Heaney
  • Advisor: John Bates
  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
    Associate Vice-President, Collections
    Los Angeles CA
Rebecca Rowe
  • Spatial and temporal dynamics of small mammal diversity in the mountain ranges of central Utah, 2006

  • Advisor: Lawrence Heaney
  • Dept. of Natural Resources & the Environment
    Associate Professor
    University of New Hampshire
Benjamin Rubin
Rebecca Rundell
  • Diversification of the Rock and Leaf Litter Dwelling Land Snails of Belau (Republic of Palau, Oceania), 2008

  • Advisor: Rudiger Bieler
  • Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
    Associate Professor, Department of Environmental and Forest Biology Head Curator, Roosevelt Wild Life Collections
    State University of New York, Syracuse, NY
Karen Ryan
Rudyard Sadleir
Aaron Savit
Scott Schaefer
Christopher Schell
John Paul Schmit
Frederick Schram
Thomas Schulenberg
Patricia Schwalm
  • Ultrastructural correlates to infrared reflectance in New World treefrogs, 1981

  • Advisor: Hewson Swift
Elizabeth Scordato
Karen Sears
Charles Shabica
H. Bradley Shaffer
Jacquelyn Kelly Gravier Sheridan
Janet Sherman
  • Functional morphology of the forelimb in Nothrotheriine sloths (Mammalia: Edentata), 1984

  • Advisor: Leigh Van Valen
  • Biology Department
    Retired Associate Professor
    Pennsylvania College of Technology
Kristin Sherrard
Brian Sidlauskas
Katherine Silliman
Nathan Smith
Peter Smits
Paul Sniegowski
Timothy Sosa
Gregory Spicer
C. Tristan Stayton
Courtney Stepien
Scott Steppan
William Stevens
Douglas Stotz
K Supriya
Sherman Suter
  • Phylogenetic analyses of cassiduloid echinoids (Echinodermata: Neognathostomata): morphology, homoplasy, and stratigraphic data, 1994

  • Advisor: David Jablonski
  • Email:
Sharon Swartz
Rebecca Thomas
Vinton Thompson
Gaylord Throckmorton
David Townsend
  • The genetic basis of a complex phenotype, 1990

  • Advisor: Russell Lande
  • Private Pharmacutical Company
Nathan Upham
Kristen Voorhies
Joseph Walsh, Jr.
B. Michael Walton
Glenda Wardle
Richard Wassersug
Virginia Wesley
Robert West
Sarah Weyandt
David Wheatcroft
Robert Whitlatch
John Wilson
  • Analytical Zoogeography of North American Mammals, 1972

  • Advisor: Leigh Van Valen
Benjamin Winger
Max Winston
Lu Yao
  • Phylogeography and Phenotypic Evolution of Macaca fascicularis in Southeast Asia, 2016

  • Advisor: Robert Martin
  • Advisor: Corrie Moreau
  • American Museum of Natural History; Hunter College, City University of New York
    Research Associate, Dept. Mammalogy; Doctoral Lecturer, Dept. of Anthropology;
    New York, New York