Peter Bergstrom
Ecology of incubation in Wilson’s plover, 1982
Advisor: A. Ross Kiester
Benjamin D. Blanchard
The evolution and ecology of defensive traits in ants, 2020
Advisor: Corrie Moreau
Current Position: info pending
Richard Blob
Mechanics of non-parasagittal locomotion in Alligator and Iguana: functional implications for the evolution of non-sprawling posture in the Therapsida, 1998
Advisor: Andrew Biewener, James Hopson
Current Position: Biological Sciences Department Alumni Distinguished Professor Clemson University
Nicholas Block
Cryptic Diversity and Phylogeography in the Bernieridae, an Endemic Malagasy Passerine Radiation, 2012
Advisor: Shannon Hackett
Current Position: Stonehill College Assistant Professor Easton, MA
John Bolt
The osteology and relationships of Doleserpteon annectens, a new rhachitomous amphibian from the lower Permian of Oklahoma, 1968
Advisor: E.C. Olson
Melinda Brady
Patterns of morphogenesis in Angiosperm flowers, 2000
Advisor: Michael Foote
Sara Branco
Serpentine Soils and the Ecology and Evolution of Fungal-Plant Symbioses, 2010
Advisor: Gregory Mueller
Current Position: Montana State University Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology Bozeman, MT
Anne Bronikowski
The sources and consequences of individual growth rate variation in the western terrestrial garter snake, 1997
Advisor: Stevan J. Arnold
Current Position: Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology Professor Iowa State University
Katherine Brooks
Sociality in Belding's ground squirrels: evolutionary history, behavioral consequences, and proximate mechanisms., 2014
Advisor: Jill Mateo
Current Position: Columbia University - Collections Analysis Librarian Collections Analysis Librarian New York City, NY
Robert Burroughs
Developmental and evolutionary mechanisms that shape rodent molars, 2021
Advisor: Ken Angielczyk & Zhe-Xi Luo