Joshua Miller
The large-mammal death assemblage of Yellowstone National Park: historical ecology, conservation biology, paleoecology, 2009
Advisor: Susan Kidwell
Current Position: Department of Geology Assistant Professor University of Cincinnati
Jonathan Mitchell
Inferring eco-evolutionary dynamics from the imperfect fossil record of birds, 2015
Advisor: Kenneth Angielczyk, Peter Makovicky
Current Position: West Virginia University Assistant Professor, Morgantown, WV
Shaibal Mitra
Sexual dimorphism and plumage elaboration in socially-monogamous birds, 1996
Advisor: Stephen Pruett-Jones
Current Position: CUNY College of Staten Island Assistant Professor
Lisa Castillo Nelis
An Investigation of Synergistic Interactions Among Invasive Species, 2008
Advisor: J. Timothy Wootton
Current Position: Ramboll Manager Seattle Washington
Matthew Nelsen
The Origins and Diversification of Lichen Symbioses, 2014
Advisor: Richard Ree
Current Position: The Field Museum Postdoctoral Research Scientist Chicago IL
Kara Nuss
Determinants of reproductive success in zoo-housed Goeldi’s Monkeys, 2009
Advisor: Susan Margulis
Current Position: Biological Sciences Instructor Northeastern Illinois University
F. Robin O'Keefe
Phylogeny and Convergence in the Plesiosauria (Reptilia: Sauropterygia), 2000
Advisor: James Hopson, Olivier Rieppel
Current Position: Marshall University Associate Professor
Link Olson
Systematics, evolution, and biogeography of Madagascar’s tenrecs (Mammalia: Tenrecidae), 1999
Advisor: Bruce Patterson
Current Position: University of Alaska Museum of the North; Univ. Alaska Fairbanks Dept. Biology & Wildlife Curator; Associate Professor Fairbanks AK
Ben K.A. Otoo
Tetrapod evolution and community ecology in the post-Devonian world, 2022
Advisor: Michael Coates
Daniela Palmer
The genetic basis and evolution of polymorphic mimicry in swallowtail butterflies, 2018
Advisor: Marcus Kronforst
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Biology, University of Texas at Arlington