Ariel Pani
Evolution of deuterostome axial patterning and nervous systems: insights from hemichordates, 2013
Advisor: Christopher Lowe, Victoria Prince
Current Position: University of Virginia Assistant Professor of Biology Charlottesville, VA
John Park
Life history evolution in cyclical environments, 2021
Advisor: J. Timothy Wootton
Craig Pease
Models of coevolution and evolutionary epidemiology, 1985
Advisor: Russell Lande
A. Townsend Peterson
Evolutionary relationships of the Aphelocoma Jays, 1990
Advisor: Stuart Altmann, Scott Lanyon
Current Position: Department Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Distinguished Professor University of Kansas
Patrick Phillips
Functional and developmental constraints on morphological evolution in the tree frog, 1991
Advisor: Stevan J. Arnold
Current Position: Biology Department Professor University of Oregon
Natalia Piland
People, Cities and Birds in Latin America, 2020
Advisor: John Bates
Rosamund Potter
Alcohol dehydrogenase in the virilis group of Drosophilia, 1983
Advisor: Hewson Swift
Current Position: Biological Sciences Collegiate Division Retired College Senior Lecturer The University of Chicago
Molly Przeworski
Natural selection and patterns of genetic variability in Drosophila and humans, 2000
Advisor: Richard Hudson
Current Position: Columbia University Professor New York, NY
Surangi Punyasena
The Relationship of Neotropical Forests to Climate: Late Quaternary and Modern Biogeographic Gradients, 2007
Advisor: Jennifer McElwain
Current Position: Department of Plant Biology Associate Professor University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Michelle Rafacz
Hormonal and Behavioral Patterns of Reproduction and Parental Care in the Hylobatidae, 2010
Advisor: Susan Margulis
Current Position: Department of Science & Mathematics Associate Professor of Biology Columbia College Chicago