Trina Roberts
Divergence, diversity, distance, and disequilibrium: Comparative phylogeography of six Philippine fruit bats (Chiroptera; Pteropodidae), 2005
Advisor: John Bates, Lawrence Heaney
Current Position: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Associate Vice-President, Collections Los Angeles CA
Rebecca Rowe
Spatial and temporal dynamics of small mammal diversity in the mountain ranges of central Utah, 2006
Advisor: Lawrence Heaney
Current Position: Dept. of Natural Resources & the Environment Associate Professor University of New Hampshire
Benjamin Rubin
The Impact of Mutualism on Genome Evolution and Endosymbiont Diversity, 2015
Advisor: Corrie Moreau
Current Position: Princeton University, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics Postdoctoral Fellow Princeton University
Rebecca Rundell
Diversification of the Rock and Leaf Litter Dwelling Land Snails of Belau (Republic of Palau, Oceania), 2008
Advisor: Rudiger Bieler
Current Position: Department of Environmental and Forest Biology Associate Professor, Department of Environmental and Forest Biology Head Curator, Roosevelt Wild Life Collections State University of New York, Syracuse, NY
Karen Ryan
Consequences and causes of mate choice by monogamous female Oldfield mice, Peromyscus polionotus, 2000
Advisor: Jeanne Altmann, Carole Ober
Current Position: University of California, Davis Associate Professor Davis, California
Rudyard Sadleir
A Morphometric Study of Crocodylian Ecomorphology through Ontogeny and Phylogeny, 2009
Advisor: Peter Makovicky
Current Position: Argonne National Laboratory Business Development Executive, Technology Commercialization and Partnerships
Aaron Savit
Patterns of tropical diversification: Intraspecific phylogeography in Tangara tanagers, 2014
Advisor: John Bates
Current Position: Nuevo Mundo Imports Founder and CEO Tucson, Arizona
Scott Schaefer
Historical biology of the loricariid catfishes: phylogenetics and functional morphology, 1986
Advisor: George V. Lauder
Current Position: Division of Vertebrate Zoology Dean of Science for Collections, Exhibitions, and the Public Understanding of Science; Curator, Department of Ichthyology American Museum of Natural History
Christopher Schell
Differential and Long-Term Impacts of Bi-Parental Effects on Offspring Personality and Hormones in Coyotes (Canis Iatrans), 2015
Advisor: Jill Mateo, Rachel Santymire
Current Position: The University of California, Berkeley, Asst. Prof., Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
John Paul Schmit
Competition and Species Diversity of Unit Restricted Decomposer Fungi, 1999
Advisor: Mathew Leibold, Gregory Mueller
Current Position: Center for Urban Ecology Quantitative Ecologist National Park Service