Frederick Schram
Studies in paleozoic Eumalacostraca, 1968
Advisor: N/A
Current Position: University of Washington, Seattle Professor Emeritus of Systematics and Zoogeography and Research Associate at the Burke Museum
Thomas Schulenberg
Evolutionary history of the Vangidae of Madagascar, 1995
Advisor: Scott Lanyon
Current Position: Cornell Museum of Vertebrates Research Associate Cornell University
Patricia Schwalm
Ultrastructural correlates to infrared reflectance in New World treefrogs, 1981
Advisor: Hewson Swift
Elizabeth Scordato
Geographical and temporal variation in sexually selected traits: environmental variation, multiple signals, and consequences for population divergence, 2012
Advisor: Trevor Price
Current Position: California Polytechnic Pomona Assistant Professor Pomona, CA
Karen Sears
The role of constraints in the morphological evolution of marsupial shoulder girdles, 2003
Advisor: John Flynn
Current Position: University of California Los Angeles Professor and Department Chair, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Los Angeles, CA
Charles Shabica
Depositional Environments in the Francis Creek shale and associated strata, 1971
Advisor: Ralph Johnson
Current Position: Charles Shabica & Associates, Inc. President
H. Bradley Shaffer
Evolution in a highly paedomorphic lineage: a case study of the Mexican ambystomatid salamanders, 1982
Advisor: Stevan Arnold
Current Position: University of California at Los Angeles Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Jacquelyn Kelly Gravier Sheridan
The influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal symbiosis on the structure, composition and diversity of an experimental prairie plant community, 2009
Advisor: R. Michael Miller, Gregory Mueller
Current Position: Department of Botany Research Associate The Field Museum
Janet Sherman
Functional morphology of the forelimb in Nothrotheriine sloths (Mammalia: Edentata), 1984
Advisor: Leigh Van Valen
Current Position: Biology Department Retired Associate Professor Pennsylvania College of Technology
Kristin Sherrard
A comparative study of early juvenile feeding performance in ascidians, 2003
Advisor: Michael LaBarbera
Current Position: University of Chicago Scientist at Large