Brian Sidlauskas
Hyperdisparate Headstanders and Static Slime-Suckers: Evolution of Unequal Morphological Diversity in Brother Clades of Characiform Fishes, 2006
Advisor: Barry Chernoff
Current Position: Oregon State University Associate Professor and Curator of Fishes, Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife Corvallis OR
Katherine Silliman
Population structure and local adaptation in the Olympia Oyster (Ostrea lurida), 2019
Advisor: Catherine Pfister
Current Position: Auburn University School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow Auburn, AL
Heather Skeen
Geographic variation and temporal dynamics of migratory bird microbial communities, 2022
Advisor: John Novembre
Nathan Smith
Phylogeny and Patterns of Diversification and Character Evolution within the Pelecaniformes: Insight from Molecular, Morphological, and Paleontological Data, 2011
Advisor: Peter Makovicky
Current Position: Dinosaur Institute at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Associate Curator Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Smith
Density-dependent interactions in spatially structured communities, 2022
Advisor: J. Timothy Wootton
Peter Smits
Remodeling the fossil record: analysis of emergent evolutionary and ecological patterns, 2017
Advisor: Kenneth Angielczyk, Michael Foote
Current Position: Insight Data Science Data Science Fellow Seattle, WA
Paul Sniegowski
Transposable elements and polymorphic inversions in Drosophila melanogaster, 1993
Advisor: Brian Charlesworth
Current Position: Department of Biology Professor University of Pennsylvania
Timothy Sosa
Evolution in Fresh Waters during the Great American Interchange, 2017
Advisor: Shannon Hackett
Current Position: DePaul University Professional Lecturer Chicago, IL
Gregory Spicer
The Drosophila virilis species group: molecular evolution, phylogeny, morphological evolution, and evolutionary genetics, 1990
Advisor: Brian Charlesworth
Current Position: Department of Biology Professor and Faculty Director San Francisco State University
C. Tristan Stayton
Morphological and Functional Convergence Among Herbivorous Lizards: A Comparative Study, 2005
Advisor: Mark Westneat
Current Position: Biology Department Associate Professor Bucknell University