Nathan Upham
Ecological Diversification and Biogeography in the Neogene: Evolution of a Major Lineage of American and Caribbean Rodents (Caviomorpha, Octodontoidea), 2014
Advisor: Bruce D. Patterson
Current Position: Yale University Postdoctoral Associate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology New Haven, CT
Kristen Voorhies
Variability in marine molluscan communities: Historical versus modern drivers at regional and local scales, 2015
Advisor: Susan Kidwell, Timothy Wootton
Current Position: United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Chicago Field Office Fish and Wildlife Biologist Chicago, IL
Joseph Walsh, Jr.
Geographic variation in Philippine fruit bats (Mammalia: Pteropodidae) and systematics of the Cynopterine Section, 1998
Advisor: Barry Chernoff, Lawrence Heaney
Current Position: Biological Sciences Associate Professor of Instruction Northwestern University
B. Michael Walton
The adaptive significance of activity metabolism among anuran amphibians, 1988
Advisor: Martin Feder
Current Position: Biological, Geological & Environmental Sciences Associate Professor Cleveland State University
Glenda Wardle
An evolutionary and demographic analysis of life history variation in Campanula americana (Campanulaceae), 1995
Advisor: Michael Wade
Current Position: School of Biological Sciences Professor of Ecology and Evolution University of Sydney
Richard Wassersug
Internal oral features of anuran larvae and the significance of the tadpole feeding mechanism to anuran evolution, 1973
Advisor: N/A
Current Position: University of British Columbia, Department of Urologic Sciences; Australian Res Centre in Sex, Health and Society,LaTrobe U Adjunct Professor Vancouver, BC; Melbourne Australia
Brooke Weigel
The diversity and functional role of microbial communities associated with the bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana, 2021
Advisor: Cathy Pfister
Virginia Wesley
The evolution of Carnivoramorpha: Phylogenetic and morphological diversification, 2003
Advisor: John Flynn
Robert West
Geology and paleontology of a portion of the Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming, 1968
Advisor: N/A
Current Position: Informal Learning Experiences, Inc. Principal
Sarah Weyandt
Molecular insight on the diversification of Philippine horseshoe bats, 2010
Advisor: John Bates, Lawrence Heaney
Current Position: Bayer Pharmaceuticals Medical Science Liaison Dallas, TX