Cindy Lee Carlson
Behavioral Mechanisms of Postcopulatory Sexual Selection in Wild Pigtailed Macaques (Macaca leonina), 2011
Advisor: Dario Maestripieri
Current Position: Kennedy-King College, City Colleges of Chicago Instructor/Lecturer Chicago, IL
Ana Carnaval
Amphibian Phylogeography and Conservation in Fragmented Forests of Northeastern Brazil, 2004
Advisor: John Bates
Current Position: CUNY New York, Biology Associate Professor New York City
Roberto Cipriani
Construction, Function, and Evolution of Accretionary Morphologies with Examples of Larval and Postlarval Coiling in Heterobranch Gastropods, 1999
Advisor: Rudiger Bieler
Current Position: Inc. Senior Statistical Analyst - Data Scientist
Wentworth Clapham Jr.
Distribution of pollen and spores in the upper flowerpot formation (Permian) of Oklahoma, 1968
Advisor: .
Current Position: Biology, Geology, Environmental Science Professor Cleveland State University
Anne Clark
Olfactory communication by scent marking in a prosimian primate, Galago crassicaudatus, 1975
Advisor: George Rabb, Monte Lloyd
Current Position: Department Biological Sciences Associate Professor Binghamton University
Dale Clayton
Coevolutionary ecology of the rock dove and its chewing lice, 1989
Advisor: Michael J. Wade
Current Position: Department Biology Professor University of Utah
Melissa Cogan
Interspecific and ontogenetic analysis of feeding morphology in the Old World fruit bats (Pteropodidae), 2001
Advisor: Lawrence Heaney
Phyllis Coley
Ecological and evolutionary responses of tropical trees to herbivore pressure, 1981
Advisor: Douglas Schemske
Current Position: Department Biology Distinguished Professor University of Utah
Rachel Collin
Evolution of mode of development in Crepidula (Gastropoda: Calyptraeidae): Causes and consequences, 2002
Advisor: Barry Chernoff
Current Position: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Panama Staff Scientist/ Director Bocos del Toro Research Station, Panama
Jacob C. Cooper
Biogeographic and ecologic drivers of avian diversity, 2021
Advisor: John Bates