Jutta Buschbom
Evolutionary history and processes underlying contrasting reproductive modes in the lichen-forming genus porpidia (ascomycota), 2003
Advisor: Gregory Mueller
Current Position: Institute for Forest Genetics and Forest Plant Breeding Federal Research Center for Forestry and Forest Products Working Group Ecological Genetics,Großhansdorf
Cindy Lee Carlson
Behavioral Mechanisms of Postcopulatory Sexual Selection in Wild Pigtailed Macaques (Macaca leonina), 2011
Advisor: Dario Maestripieri
Current Position: Kennedy-King College, City Colleges of Chicago Instructor/Lecturer Chicago, IL
Ana Carnaval
Amphibian Phylogeography and Conservation in Fragmented Forests of Northeastern Brazil, 2004
Advisor: John Bates
Current Position: CUNY New York, Biology Associate Professor New York City
Sophia S. Carryl
The use of multiple biomarkers to understand the effects of urbanization on a free-living Passerine, house sparrow (Passer domesticus), 2021
Advisor: Rachel Santymire & Jack Gilbert
Roberto Cipriani
Construction, Function, and Evolution of Accretionary Morphologies with Examples of Larval and Postlarval Coiling in Heterobranch Gastropods, 1999
Advisor: Rudiger Bieler
Current Position: Inc. Senior Statistical Analyst - Data Scientist
Wentworth Clapham Jr.
Distribution of pollen and spores in the upper flowerpot formation (Permian) of Oklahoma, 1968
Advisor: .
Current Position: Biology, Geology, Environmental Science Professor Cleveland State University
Anne Clark
Olfactory communication by scent marking in a prosimian primate, Galago crassicaudatus, 1975
Advisor: George Rabb, Monte Lloyd
Current Position: Department Biological Sciences Associate Professor Binghamton University
Dale Clayton
Coevolutionary ecology of the rock dove and its chewing lice, 1989
Advisor: Michael J. Wade
Current Position: Department Biology Professor University of Utah
Melissa Cogan
Interspecific and ontogenetic analysis of feeding morphology in the Old World fruit bats (Pteropodidae), 2001
Advisor: Lawrence Heaney
Phyllis Coley
Ecological and evolutionary responses of tropical trees to herbivore pressure, 1981
Advisor: Douglas Schemske
Current Position: Department Biology Distinguished Professor University of Utah