Rachel Collin
Evolution of mode of development in Crepidula (Gastropoda: Calyptraeidae): Causes and consequences, 2002
Advisor: Barry Chernoff
Current Position: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Panama Staff Scientist/ Director Bocos del Toro Research Station, Panama
Jacob C. Cooper
Biogeographic and ecologic drivers of avian diversity, 2021
Advisor: John Bates
Andrew Crawford
The Evolution and Maintenance of a Color Pattern Polymorphism in Neotropical Frogs, 2000
Advisor: Martin Kreitman
Current Position: Department Biological Sciences Associate Professor Universidad de los Andes
John Damuth
The Evaluation of the Degree of Community Structure Preserved in Assemblages of Fossil Mammals, 1982
Advisor: Leigh Van Valen
Current Position: Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Research Biologist University of California, Santa Barbara
Daniel Davison
Inferences about the evolutionary history of geographically structured populations; the intersection of population genetics, biogeography and systematics, 2006
Advisor: Shannon Hackett
Current Position: Myriad Genetics Principle Software Engineer Salt Lake City UT
Alexander Dehgan
The behavior of extinction : predicting the incidence and local extinction of lemurs in fragmented habitats of southeastern Madagascar, 2003
Advisor: Bruce Patterson
Current Position: Conservation X Labs CEO, Co-Founder Washington, DC
Rebecca Dikow
Genome-level homology and phylogeny: case studies using Vibrionaceae and Shewanellaceae (Gammaproteobacteria), 2012
Advisor: Leo Smith
Current Position: Office of Research Data Services Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Data Scientist, Biodiversity Initiative Smithsonian Institution
Andrew Dosmann
Proximate and ultimate factors in the evolution of animal personality in Belding's ground squirrels, 2013
Advisor: Jill Mateo
Current Position: Minerva Schools at KGI Assistant Professor San Francisco, CA
Amy Driskell
Molecular Systematics, Biogeography, and Evolution of the Meliphagidae (Passeriformes), 2001
Advisor: Barry Chernoff, Stephen Pruett-Jones
Current Position: National Museum of Natural History Barcode Project Manager Smithsonian Institution
Shane DuBay
The ecology, evolution, and environmental history of birds in natural and human impacted environments, 2018
Advisor: John Bates, Trevor Price
Current Position: University of Michigan Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Junior Fellow and Assistant Professor Ann Arbor, MI