Deren Eaton
On the evolutionary consequences of interspecific reproductive interactions, 2014
Advisor: Richard Ree
Current Position: Columbia University Assistant Professor New York City
Gunther Eble
The macroevolutionary history of diversity and disparity in disasteroid, holasteroid and spatangoid heart urchins, 1997
Advisor: David Jablonski
Current Position: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) Chargé de Recherche de 1ère Classe Université de Bourgogne
Kenneth Emberton
The evolution of multiple sympatric homeomorphy among three genera of land snails, 1986
Advisor: Michael Wade, Alan Solem
Nora Espinoza
Scaling of the Appendicular Musculo-Skeletal System of Frogs (Order Anura): Effects on Jumping Performance, 2000
Advisor: Michael LaBarbera
Current Position: Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Clemson University
Juliana Feder
Experimental analysis of second chromosome lethals in natural populations of Drosophila americana, 1984
Advisor: Lynn Throckmorton
Current Position: Institute for Biophysical Dynamics Executive Administrator The University of Chicago
John Finarelli
Macroevolutionary Trends in Brain and Body Size of Terrestrial Caniforms (Carnivora, Mammalia), 2007
Advisor: Peter Wagner, John Flynn
Current Position: School of Biology & Environmental Science Assistant Professor, School of Biology & Environmental Science University College Dublin
Victoria Flores
The Roles of Male Chemical Signaling, Conspecific Scent Preference, and Social Structure in Fringe-Lipped Bats, 2018
Advisor: Bruce Patterson, Jill Mateo
Peter Flynn
Redefining the expanding diversity and co-evolutionary patterns in microbial communities within ants, 2022
Advisor: Corrie Moreau & Maureen Coleman
Michael Foote
Morphological evolution of Cambrian and Ordovician trilobites, 1989
Advisor: David Raup
Current Position: Department of Geophysical Sciences Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor The University of Chicago
Raymond Franson
Below ground interactions between plants, 1989
Advisor: Douglas Schemske
Current Position: Missouri Department of Natural Resources - Hazardous Waste Program Lee’s Summit, MO