Kenneth Emberton
The evolution of multiple sympatric homeomorphy among three genera of land snails, 1986
Advisor: Michael Wade, Alan Solem
Nora Espinoza
Scaling of the Appendicular Musculo-Skeletal System of Frogs (Order Anura): Effects on Jumping Performance, 2000
Advisor: Michael LaBarbera
Current Position: Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Clemson University
Juliana Feder
Experimental analysis of second chromosome lethals in natural populations of Drosophila americana, 1984
Advisor: Lynn Throckmorton
Current Position: Institute for Biophysical Dynamics Executive Administrator The University of Chicago
John Finarelli
Macroevolutionary Trends in Brain and Body Size of Terrestrial Caniforms (Carnivora, Mammalia), 2007
Advisor: Peter Wagner, John Flynn
Current Position: School of Biology & Environmental Science Assistant Professor, School of Biology & Environmental Science University College Dublin
Victoria Flores
The Roles of Male Chemical Signaling, Conspecific Scent Preference, and Social Structure in Fringe-Lipped Bats, 2018
Advisor: Bruce Patterson, Jill Mateo
Michael Foote
Morphological evolution of Cambrian and Ordovician trilobites, 1989
Advisor: David Raup
Current Position: Department of Geophysical Sciences Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor The University of Chicago
Raymond Franson
Below ground interactions between plants, 1989
Advisor: Douglas Schemske
Current Position: Missouri Department of Natural Resources - Hazardous Waste Program Lee’s Summit, MO
Matthew Friedman
The diversification of the acanthomorph fishes: ecomorphological perspectives on an evolutionary radiation, 2009
Advisor: Michael Coates
Current Position: University of Michigan Associate Professor/Associate Curator Ann Arbor, MI
Gary Galbreath
Aspects of natural selection in Dasypus novemcinctus, 1980
Advisor: Leigh Van Valen
Current Position: Program in Biological Sciences Associate Director, Professor of Instruction Northwestern University
Anjali Goswami
The Evolution of Morphological Integration in the Mammalian Skull, 2005
Advisor: John Flynn
Current Position: The Natural History Museum, Department of Life Sciences Research Leader, Honorary Professor of Palaeobiology, University College London London