Daniel Hooper
Chromosome inversions and avian speciation, 2017
Advisor: Trevor Price
Current Position: Cornell Lab of Ornithology Edward W. Rose Post-doctoral Fellow Ithaca, New York
Leslie Hornig
Mechanism and evolution of facultative sex-ratio biasing in Norway rats, 1995
Advisor: Martha McClintock
Richard Horwitz
The distribution of fishes in streams, 1976
Advisor: Montgomery Slatkin, James Teeri
Current Position: Academy of Natural Sciences Senior Biologist Philadelphia
Kimberly A. Hughes
Evolutionary genetics of female life-history traits in Drosophila melanogaster, 1993
Advisor: Brian Charlesworth
Current Position: Department of Biological Science Professor Florida State University
Gene Hunt
Phenotypic covariance through geologic time: micro- and macroevolution in the deep-sea Ostracode genus Poseidonamicus, 2003
Advisor: Michael Foote
Current Position: Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Research Geologist and Curator of Ostracoda Washington DC
Jeffrey Ihara
On the interaction between the evolution of social behavior through group selection and the evolution of interspecific competitive interference, 1990
Advisor: Michael Wade
Current Position: MiraCosta College, Biology Department Professor Oceanside, CA
Steven Irvine
Ontogeny and developmental gene expression in the polychaete Chaetopterus: The evolution of developmental patterning, 1998
Advisor: Mark Martindale
Current Position: Department of Biological Sciences Associate Professor University of Rhode Island
Mark Johnston
Natural selection, inbreeding depression and self-fertilization in two Lobelia species with different pollinators, 1990
Advisor: Michael Wade
Current Position: Department Biology, Life Sciences Center Professor Dalhousie University
Carrie Grimsley Jones
The nature of selection acting on the class Ib HLA genes: HLA-E, HLA-F, and HLA-G, 1997
Advisor: Carole Ober
Current Position: Kankakee Community College Assistant Professor Kankakee, IL
John A. Juskevice
Interspecific correlation and association in benthic marine communities, 1969
Advisor: N/A