Christian Kammerer
Cranial Disparity in the Non-mammalian Synapsida, 2009
Advisor: Neil Shubin
Current Position: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Research Curator, Paleontology Raleigh NC
Traci Kantarski
The genetics of the domestication syndrome in the perennial intermediate wheatgrass., 2015
Advisor: Richard Ree
Current Position: Columbia University - Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology Columbia Frontiers Science Fellow New York City, NY
Keith Karoly
The causes and consequences of interpopulational mating system variations in Lupinus nanus (Leguminosae), 1991
Advisor: Deborah Charlesworth, Doug Schemske
Current Position: Department of Biology Laurens N. Ruben Professor of Biology Reed College
Matthew Keirle
Population Biology of the Hawaiian Mushroom Rhodocollybia laulaha, 2008
Advisor: Gregory Mueller
Current Position: State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Professor, Natural Sciences Bradenton FL
Katherine Kelley
Coupled evolution in a phylogenetic context: covariation of coloration and chemical defense of tiger beetles, 1997
Advisor: Stevan J. Arnold, Barry Chernoff
Brandon Kilbourne
Limb Rotational Inertia in Quadrupedal Mammals, 2011
Advisor: Peter Makovicky
Current Position: Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin Research Fellow Berlin, Germany
Dallas Krentzel
The evolutionary anatomy, biomechanics, and diversification dynamics of repeatedly evolved masseter muscles in rodents, 2019
Advisor: Kenneth Angielczyk
Benjamin Krinsky
The Evolution of Expression Networks Driven by a Young Gene in Drosophila, 2014
Advisor: Manyuan Long
Current Position: Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Associate Director for Legislative Affairs Washington, DC
Nicole Bitler Kuehnle
Causes and consequences of range expansion in marine mollusks, 2016
Advisor: David Jablonski
Current Position: Bain & Company Consultant
Lucinda Lawson
Patterns and Processes of Diversification in Hyperolius Frogs throughout the Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot, 2010
Advisor: John Bates
Current Position: University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor Cincinnati, Ohio