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Advisor: Michael LaBarbera
Current Position: Department Biological Sciences Professor DePaul University
Daniel Lerman
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Advisor: Martin Feder
Current Position: Appellate Attorney, US Dept. of Justice, Criminal Division Appellate Attorney Washington, D.C.
Lee Hsiang Liow
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Current Position: Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis Associate Professor Natural History Museum, University of Oslo and the Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo.
Rowan Lockwood
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Current Position: Department of Geology Professor College of William & Mary
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Advisor: Stevan Arnold
Current Position: University of Guam Associate Professor of Biology Mangilao, Guam
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Susan Longest
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Advisor: Jill Mateo
Richard Lupia II
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Advisor: Peter Crane, Susan Kidwell
Current Position: University of Oklahoma, School of Geology & Geophysics; Dept. Botany and Microbiology; Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural Hist Associate Professor; Adjunct Assoc. Prof., Assoc Curator, Paleobotany and Micropaleontology Norman OK
S. Kathleen Lyons
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Advisor: N/A
Current Position: School of Biological Sciences Assistant Professor University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Paul Magwene
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Advisor: Michael LaBarbera
Current Position: Department of Biological Sciences Associate Professor Duke University