Richard Lupia II
Palynological record of the Cretaceous angiosperm radiation: diversity, abundance and morphological patterns, 1997
Advisor: Peter Crane, Susan Kidwell
Current Position: University of Oklahoma, School of Geology & Geophysics; Dept. Botany and Microbiology; Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural Hist Associate Professor; Adjunct Assoc. Prof., Assoc Curator, Paleobotany and Micropaleontology Norman OK
S. Kathleen Lyons
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Advisor: N/A
Current Position: School of Biological Sciences Assistant Professor University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Paul Magwene
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Advisor: Michael LaBarbera
Current Position: Department of Biological Sciences Associate Professor Duke University
Jonathan Marcot
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Advisor: Peter Wagner
Current Position: University of California Los Angeles Assistant Adjunct Professor University of California Los Angeles
Susan Margulis
The effects of inbreeding on parental behavior and reproductive success in two subspecies of the Oldfield mouse (Peromyscus polionotus), 1996
Advisor: Jeanne Altmann
Current Position: Canisius College Professor Buffalo, New York
Charles Marshall
DNA-DNA hybridization, morphology, and the fossil record of sand dollars: phylogeny and rates of single copy DNA evolution, 1989
Advisor: David Raup, Hewson Swift
Current Position: Department of Integrative Biology Professor, Philip Sandford Boone Chair in Paleontology University of California at Berkeley
Jane Masterson
The evolutionary history and significance of polypliody in angiosperms, 1995
Advisor: Peter Crane, David Jablonski
Current Position: Canis Sapiens Certified Dog Trainer
Daniel McShea
Complexity and Evolution, 1990
Advisor: David Raup
Current Position: Department of Zoology Professor Duke University
James Mead
Anatomy of the external nasal passages and facial complex in the Delphinidae (Mammalia: Cetacae), 1972
Advisor: N/A
Current Position: National Museum of Natural History Curator Emeritus, Mammals Washington DC
Joel Mercado-Diaz
An evolutionary perspective on diversity and distribution patterns of lichenized fungi in the Caribbean, 2021
Advisor: Thorsten Lumbsch