Faculty and Trainers

Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Genetic management of endangered species, in- and out-breeding depression, evolution in structured populations
Associate Curator, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Evolution and ecology of cheilostome bryozoans, particularly the relationships of colonial growth and form; evolutionary paleoecology and the resolution of...
Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Division, Psychology
We still don’t know what properties of the brain promote and limit the ability to learn although behaviorally, we observe individual, sex, and age differences in the...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Since my doctoral study in California in the early 1990s, I have been focusing on the study of a new and major scientific problem: How does a gene originate and evolve...
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Main research interests include evolution of fungi belonging to Ascomycota, especially lichen-forming fungi and their diversity, with focus on groups with centres of...
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
Research in Luo Lab in the University of Chicago is devoted to the understanding of the origins and earliest evolution of mammals. Our endeavor is to study how...
Assistant Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Reconstruction of primate evolution, with particular emphasis on the brain, reproduction, tree-building and allometric scaling relationships.
Associate Professor, Comparative Human Development
We study the developmental and biological mechanisms of adaptive behaviors that enhance survival and reproduction in species-typical environments. In particular, we...
Staff, Affiliate, Comm: Evolutionary Biology