Faculty and Trainers

Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Soil ecology, mycorrhiza, restoration ecology. I am interested in the mechanisms of how mycorrhizal fungi influence the ability of plants to adapt to climate forcing...
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Systematics, population biology, biogeography, and ecology of fungi
Frank J. McLoraine Distinguished Service Professor, Linguistics
Research: Language evolution: the birth of new language varieties, the sustained vitality and spread of many, and the loss of many others
Professor, Human Genetics
The Novembre research group uses computational tools to study genetic diversity in natural populations. Our goal is to develop widely used statistical methods for...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
Over the past two decades, developmental biologists have made great strides in understanding embryonic pattern formation at the genetic, molecular, and cellular levels...
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: systematics and biogeography of mammals, phylogeny, host-parasite coevolution
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
My research in ecology has focused on the dynamics of species in marine systems and the role they play at ecosystems scales. Two recurring themes in my research are the...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Trevor Price is a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution. His main research interests are on Himalayan biodiversity, of birds and trees especially, the...
Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Research: Sexual selection, evolution of mating systems, communication, population biology of birds, introduced species, damselflies