Faculty and Trainers

Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
My group's research interests span questions and applications in multiple fields, including population genetics/genomics, anthropology, archaeology, and medical...
Professor, Neurobiology
The octopus is rich in evolutionary novelties, from an immense nervous system to prehensile arms to a tremendously sophisticated adaptive coloration system. It is the...
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Flowering plant evolution and systematics, phylogenetic and macroevolutionary theory, biodiversity informatics
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Phylogeny of Mesozoic marine reptiles
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
My research program focuses on the motor control and biomechanics of the head, with special emphasis on feeding. The feeding research seeks to document in vivo...
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Evolution of reproductive strategies and stress adaptation. Behavioral and hormonal correlates of parental care and social behavior.
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
The Schmidt-Ott lab uses experimental and genomic approaches to study the evolution of embryogenesis in flies, including midges and mosquitoes (Diptera). We seek to...
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
“I see paleontology as adventure with a purpose. How else to describe a science that allows you to romp in remote corners of the globe, resurrecting gargantuan...
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Taxon-oriented research, specializing in the non-Insect terrestrial arthropods. Systematic, biogeographic, and evolutionary research focuses on the various...
Assistant Professor, Geophysical Sciences