Faculty and Trainers

Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Conservation ecology; the distribution, evolution, ecology and behavior of birds
Professor, Anthropology
Field and experimental laboratory studies pertaining to the evolution of primate morphology, locomotion, and other behaviors; paleoanthropology; history of theories on...
Lecturer, Comm: Evolutionary Biology
Research: Organic falls, especially wood in the deep sea; evolution and radiation of deep-sea mollusks, especially of octopuses and xylophagous bivalves; biology of the...
Associate Professor, Geophysical Sciences
Research: Ontogeny, phylogeny, and evolutionary processes in Cambrian trilobites
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
There are three primary questions around which I build my research program: What is the tree of life? How do animals work? How is structural and functional diversity...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
My research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary consequences of interactions among organisms. My work centers on how multi-species systems function and on...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution