Senna Robeson

Office: Morton Arboretum Herbarium:
My interests lie in the evolution of complex traits and biogeographic change in woody plants. I study how historical demography and movement have shaped modern distributions and communities.
Andrew Hipp

Mariah Wild Scott

Office: FM Negaunee Integrative Research Center:
The evolution of traits influenced by environmental conditions and life history of the organisms, using bivalve mollusk shells.
Rudiger Bieler

Heather Skeen

Office: Field Museum Birds:
diversity and prevalence of avian microorganisms across the annual cycle
John Novembre

Daniel Smith

Office: Zoology 401A:
theoretical ecology; combining principles from community ecology with life history theory; how the interplay of biotic and abiotic factors affects life history evolution
Tim Wootton

Sarah-Saxton Strassberg

Office: Culver 402:
I am interested in large-scale evolutionary and ecological morphology trends in Permo-Triassic synapsids, specifically differential survival, feeding strategies, and craniodental patterns in carnivorous therapsids.