CEB Committe on Evolutionary Biology

Congratulations to this year’s NSF GRFP and DDIG awardees!

Congratulations to Katherine Silliman who was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship earlier this year! Katherine studies adaptive population divergence in marine invertebrates in the context of global environmental change. Her advisor is Catherine Pfister.

Congrats also to Max Winston and Lu Yao who received NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants this year! Max’s research employs reduced-representation sequencing to bridge phylogenomics (macroevolution) and population genomics (microevolution) in the ant genus Eciton.  His advisor is Corrie Moreau.

Lu’s research investigates whether or not island dwarfing is universal among large-bodied Southeast Asian mammals (pigs, deer, gibbons and long-tailed macaques) and whether changes have occurred in the dimensions of the skull between mainland and island-living individuals. She is co-advised by Robert Martin.