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CEB students launch science outreach website

Bio for the Win is a science outreach website created by graduated students in CEB with other students in the Darwinian Science Cluster

This fall, a group of CEB graduate students, along with other graduate students from the Darwinian Sciences Cluster at the Univeristy of Chicago, launched the website, Bio for the Win. The group started Bio for the Win with the goal of sharing their love of science with a broad, general audience. From the BFTW website:

Bio for the Win was launched in Fall of 2012 by a group of biology graduate students with the goal of sharing our experiences and discoveries with others. Most of us are PhD students from the University of Chicago Darwinian science cluster, studying evolution at all scales, paleoecology, animal behavior, local adaptation and ecological responses to climate change - to name just a few of the fields we work in! We write about what we are learning, reading and discovering through our research and training because science isn't just for scientists. 

Check out the group's latest article on the Hosptial Microbiome Project!

Note: The views and opinions expressed on any post at Bio for the Win are solely those of that author, and do not reflect the views of the Univeristy of Chicago or the Committee on Evolutionary Biology.