CEB Committe on Evolutionary Biology

Darwinian students win third place in NSF Innovation in Graduate Education Challenge

Clockwise from top left: Robert Arthur, Courtney Stepien, Collin Kyle, Sebastian Heilpern, and Benjamin Krinsky. 

Congratulations to University of Chicago Darwinian students Sebastian Heilpern, Courtney Stepien, Benjamin Krinsky, Robert Arthur, and Collin Kyle, who recently received 3rd place in the 2013 National Science Foundation Innovation in Graduate Education Challenge! Sebastian, Robert, and Collin are graduate students in the Department of Ecology and Evolution. Courtney and Benjamin are graduate students in the Committee on Evolutionary Biology. 

The challenge was created by the Division of Graduate Education at the NSF, who invited current STEM graduate students to submit innovative ideas to improve STEM graduate education and professional development.  Our Darwinian students submitted a proposal to create an External Graduate Assistant (EGA) program, which would give graduate students the opportunity to intern at non-academic organizations as part of their degree work. By giving graduate students work experience in non-academic organizations, the EGA program would better prepare them for a broader range of STEM-related careers. Click here to read their winning proposal!