CEB Committe on Evolutionary Biology

James Hopson awarded the A.S. Romer - G.G. Simpson medal!

James Hopson with his former student and CEB alumnae Allison Beck. Congratulations, James!

CEB emeritus faculty member, James Hopson has received the A.S. Romer - G.G. Simpson medal from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists! The A.S. Romer - G.G. Simpson medal, which is the society’s highest award, is awarded for sustained and outstanding scholarly excellence in the discipline of Vertebrate Paleontology.

James Hopson’s work is focused on the evolutionary history of the synapsids, the major branch of vertebrates that includes fossil and living mammals and the now extinct "mammal-like reptiles". His research traces the structural changes that have taken place in the transition from basal amniotes of the late Paleozoic to the mammals of the late Mesozoic.