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New Publications from current CEB members and alumni! Feb 2013 - Mar 2013.

Check out these current publications by current CEB faculty (F), students (S), and alumni (A)!

Alkorta-Aranburu, G., C. M. Beall, D. B. Witonsky, A. Gebremedhin, J. K. Pritchard (F), and A. Di Rienzo. 2012. "The Genetic Architecture of Adaptations to High Altitude in Ethiopia." PLoS Genetics 8 (12).

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Hautier, L., N. C. Bennett, H. Viljoen, L. Howard, M. C. Milinkovitch, A. C. Tzika, A. Goswami (A), and R. J. Asher. 2013. "Patterns of Ossification in Southern Versus Northern Placental Mammals." Evolution. In press.

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