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CEB students participate in Science Game Jam

Tim Sosa talks with a team of game developers as they create a game based off of his research.

CEB students Courtney Stepien, Tim Sosa, Jonathan Mitchell, and Max Winston recently participated in the first Science Game Jam at the Field Museum.  At a game jam, groups of game developers gather together to plan, design, and create a game within a very short period of time. This game jam was organized by Robert Lockhart, the creative director of Important Little Games, and Audrey Aronowsky, of the Field Museum’s Biodiversity Synthesis Center.

For this game jam, the CEB students, along with four other graduate students from the University of Chicago, gave five-minute presentations on their research. After the talks, each team of developers then picked a grad student to join their group. Over the next two days, the teams then created educational games that were loosely based off of the research of the grad student they chose to work with.

At the end of the game jam, the games were judged and prizes were awarded to the best games. Click here to read Robert Lockhart’s write-up of the event.