CEB Committe on Evolutionary Biology

Whitman Exhibit at the Crerar Library features the work of CEB members

Charles Whitman in his lab (photo from Wikipedia, taken in 1900). 

The current science exhibit at the University of Chicago's Crerar Library, Charles Otis Whitman:  his Science, his Special Birds and the Marine Biological Laboratory, explores the history of animal behavior research. 

Charles Whitman was a pioneer in the study of animal behavior, and one of his main research interests was the passenger pigeon. He developed the field of ethology, the objective study of animal behavior in natural conditions, and created connections between the University of Chicago and the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole where he served as president. 

This exhibit also showcases the current animal behavior research at the University of Chicago. The research of CEB graduate student Christopher Schell, and CEB faculty members Jill Mateo and Stephen Pruett-Jones are all on display.   

Christopher Schell's dissertation research focuses on biparental effects in coyotes (Canis latrans) and how both parental behavior and endocrinology shape offspring traits. Jill Mateo's research is on kin recognition in small mammals, such as young Belding's ground squirrels, and how stress (e.g. predators) influences learning of important survival behaviors. Stephen Pruett-Jones conducts field and laboratory investigations of sexual selection in fairy-wrens, a group of passerine birds in Australia.

The Charles Otis Whitman exhibit will continue through March 21, 2014.