CEB Committe on Evolutionary Biology


Why outreach?

Simple. Our graduate students recognize that many students, teachers and families have very limited opportunities to see science in action and meet researchers from all sorts of backgrounds. We strive to level the “playing field” by promoting gender equality and bringing scientific awareness to individuals of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. By fostering these values, our students have the capacity to increase scientific knowledge while developing a social conscience that can result in a more inclusive scientific community.

Current outreach initiatives focus on building a connection between the natural world and classrooms by introducing science to children and young adults in the Chicago area. Students leave having a general understanding of fundamental scientific concepts and use the scientific method to approach problems critically. Furthermore, young students leave with a sense of scientific engagement so that they too can become a part of the social effort to create a more inclusive scientific community.

Who can get involved?

You can! All students are encouraged to get involved in outreach initiatives that can broaden participation in science. Check out the featured programs below.