Spring 2020 Darwin defenses

Mar 30, 2020
By DS admin

The following students are presenting dissertation defenses, or proposal defenses, in Spring Quarter 2020. Please look for emails to the clusterall listserv for specific information on joining students' presentations via Zoom.

Student Date Time Defense Type Title
Benjamin D. Blanchard April 6 10:30am dissertation The evolution and ecology of defensive traits in ants
Abhimanyu Lele April 8 10:30am proposal Gene flow and local adaptation in tropical forest birds
Andrew George April 29 9:30am dissertation Functional morphology and evolution of the balistiform swimming mode
Marcos Costa Vieira April 30 2:30pm dissertation Evolution of adaptability and the immune response to influenza and HIV
William Koval May 1 1:30pm proposal The Douglas-fir tussock moth, Orgyia pseudotsugata, as a model for dynamic variation in animal pathogens
Jing-Yi Lu May 8 2:00pm proposal Pollinator shifts, floral evolution, and speciation in Aeschynanthus (Gesneriaceae)
Roberto Marquez May 14 2:00pm dissertation The evolutionary, biogeographic, and genetic origin of color pattern diversity in Phyllobates poison-dart frogs
Mark Bitter May 15 1:00pm dissertation Exploring the dynamics of rapid adaptation to ocean acidification in the Mediterranean mussel​
Alexa Lamprecht May 19 9:30am proposal Body mass, habitat and limb lengthening: Assessing the evolution of locomotor morphology in ruminant artiodactyls
Samantha Gartner May 22 9:00am proposal Evolution of biomechanical novelties and the mechanical properties of cranial ligaments in wrasses (Family: Labridae)
Weldeyared Reda May 26 9:30am proposal Facial development in Australopithecus afarensis: interpreting variation and phylogeny in early hominins
Tristan Reinecke May 28 10:00am proposal Evaluating the variation in trabecular architecture of long limb bones in extant and extinct species
Santiago Herrera June 4 1:30pm proposal Accessibility of novel functions in the genotype-phenotype map of an ancient regulatory module