Spring 2021 Darwin defenses



The following students are presenting dissertation defenses, or proposal defenses, in Spring Quarter 2021. Please look for emails to the clusterall listserv for specific information on joining students' presentations via Zoom.





Student Date Time Type of Defense Title
Wei Lu 4/9 2:00 pm proposal The genetic basis of mate preference in Heliconius butterflies
Jacob R. Drucker 4/13 12:30 pm proposal Resource use by Neotropical birds
Sophia Mae Horigan 4/13 1:00 pm proposal Combining theory and experiment to understand how climate change modulates competition between pathogen species
John Park 4/19 9:00 am dissertation Life history evolution in cyclical environments
Hannah Farrell 5/10 10:00 am proposal A holistic approach to the functional morphology of the hominoid clavicle and its implications for interpreting hominin locomotor behavior
Carolyn Abbott 5/13 9:00 am proposal The Lilliput Effect and other life history responses to biotic crisis: A case study of Lystrosaurus (Therapsida: Anomodontia) during the Permo-Triassic transition
Isaac Magallanes 5/19 9:30 am proposal Morphological modularity/integration and the evolution of the mammalian tooth row
Peishu Li 5/20 9:00 am proposal Evolution of the mammalian hyoid apparatus and Its Implication for swallowing biomechanics
Senna Robeson 5/25 9:00 am proposal Expansions that stick: Testing the drivers of geographic range size in tarflowers (Bejaria, Ericaceae)
Armun Liaghat 6/1 9:00 am proposal Eco-evolutionary dynamics of microbe-virus systems: Pattern and process
Gayani Senevirathne 6/1 10:00 am dissertation Ontogeny of the Anuran Urostyle: The developmental context of evolutionary novelty
Brooke Weigel 6/1 12:30 pm dissertation The diversity and functional role of microbial communities associated with the bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana
Robert W. Burroughs 6/7 10:00 am dissertation Developmental and evolutionary mechanisms that shape rodent molars
Dylan Sosa 6/9 2:00 pm proposal Evolution of gene essentiality in Drosophila