Summer 2021 Darwin defenses




The following students are presenting dissertation defenses in Summer Quarter 2021. Please look for emails to the clusterall listserv for specific information on joining students' presentations via Zoom.





Student Date Time Title
Joel A. Mercado-Diaz 6/15 9:00 am An evolutionary perspective on diversity and distribution patterns of lichenized fungi in the Caribbean
J.D. Laurence-Chasen 6/28 10:00 am Neuromechanics of the primate tongue during feeding
Kelsey Tull Stilson 7/9 10:00 am The kinematics and neurofeedback of mastication in Didelphis virginiana
Stephanie L. Baumgart 7/13 10:00 am Morphology and evolution of the avian flight apparatus in relation to ecology and function
Jacob C. Cooper 7/22 11:00 am Biogeographic and ecologic drivers of avian diversity