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The Committee on Evolutionary Biology (CEB) is a unique interdepartmental and inter-institutional graduate student training program dedicated to the study of Evolutionary Biology. Faculty and students in the program are engaged in interdisciplinary studies at time scales that range from single generations to the entire history of life and at organizational scales from the molecular to the global.

Mercado-Diaz: Lichens on Islands

Collecting Sticta dichotomy s. lat. in Jamaica


Mercado-Diaz: Lichens on Islands

July I spent mostly in Puerto Rico. This trip was really fantastic! I got to see my family and also participated in the 11th International Mycological Congress, which to my luck was celebrated in San Juan. This is the most important and largest mycological gathering of all. My participation in the meeting was vast. I served as a field guide for three different field trips in different forests of the island. I was also a symposium organizer and speaker. My talk was about the use of integrative taxonomic approaches to understand the diversity of the lichen genus Sticta in Puerto Rico. The name of the symposium (which I organized with Thorsten Lumbsch and Robert Lucking) was: Lichens on Islands: Evolution, Endemism, and Conservation.

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