Taylor Hains with a friend

Taylor Hains talks about what avian genomics means for bird owners

CEB graduate student & founder of Terra Wildlife Genomics

Taylor Hains, a 2nd-year Evolutionary Biology graduate student, will be presenting a live podcast on Friday, August 20, at 6:00 pm (CDT), addressing "Avian Genomics: What Is It and What Does it Mean for Bird Owners."

Taylor will talk about what the study of genomics involves, how genomics are used to manage a variety of species, and why bird owners should be interested in future applications of genomics. Watch live on the Leather Elves Facebook page.

In addition to pursuing a PhD in evolutionary biology at UChicago, Taylor is the founder of Terra Wildlife Genomics, a non-profit organization focused on incorporating genomics into the population management of threatened and endangered species. His organization seeks to provide new insight into current management practices through population genomics, and to provide recommendations to create genetically healthy and sustainable populations, for both conservation purposes and to support private breeders/ranchers. To learn more, visit Terra Wildlife Genomics' Facebook page.

To listen to Taylor's presentation, click here.