Evolutionary Morphology Seminar Series

The Evolutionary Morphology Seminar Series brings students, faculty, and the broader evolutionary biology community together for presentations on a vast array of topics.

Our Autumn Quarter 2021 lineup features the following distinguished speakers and seminar titles:  

Date Time Speaker Institution Seminar title
Thurs, 10/7 4pm Evan Saitta Field Museum Molecular fossil hunting: Analytical and experimental taphonomy
Thurs, 10/21 4pm Jingmai O'Connor Field Museum The importance of the Jehol Lagerstatten in understanding the evolution of modern avian physiology
Thurs, 11/11 4pm Jim Usherwood Royal Veterinary College Some implications of the scaling of work and power relating to animal form and gait | Legs as linkages
Thurs, 12/2 4pm Jon Nations UChicago Dept. of Geophysical Sciences Function, history, and ecology in two exceptional (and exceptionally different) mammal radiations




Students, please note: we request permission from our speakers to record their seminars via Zoom. If you have a time conflict, and would like to hear an EvMorph seminar this quarter that you are unable to join in real time, please email evbio@uchicago.edu to request access to the recording.


Did you miss a Spring Quarter EvMorph? Catch up now!

Recordings from Spring Quarter EvMorph seminars only are available till the end of autumn quarter.