Evolutionary Morphology Seminar Series

The Evolutionary Morphology Seminar Series brings students, faculty, and the broader evolutionary biology community together for presentations on a vast array of interesting and relevant topics. 

Bacterial flagellar mechanics
multi-scale physics of muscle
Multi-modal locomotive adaptations for water walking in geckos





The 2023-2024 EvMorph series continues with an engaging and diverse lineup of speakers joining us in Winter Quarter:

Date / Time Speaker Affiliation Seminar title
January 11, 4:30pm Jasmine Nirody UChicago, Organismal Biology & Anatomy Adaptive locomotion in complex, changing environments
January 25, 4:30pm Pavitra Muralidhar UChicago, Ecology & Evolution The causes and consequences of sexual selection
February 8, 4:30pm Simon Sponberg Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Physics Transitions and tradeoffs in the different strategies insects use to fly
February 22, 5:00pm Darwin admissions: Zhe-Xi Luo & Graham Slater UChicago OBA & GeoSci Mesozoic evolution of mammalian middle ear and ecological diversification of Cenozoic mammals

Students, please note: if you would like to hear an EvMorph seminar that you missed, please click on the seminar title to access the Zoom recording.

images from Zewdi Tsegai's research



Did you miss an EvMorph in Autumn Quarter 2023? Click on the titles below to listen to any of these seminars:


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