Evolutionary Morphology Seminar Series

The Evolutionary Morphology Seminar Series brings students, faculty, and the broader evolutionary biology community together for presentations on a vast array of interesting and relevant topics. 


The 2022-2023 academic year finishes up with an impressive lineup of speakers joining us in Spring Quarter:

Date / Time Speaker Affiliation Seminar title
March 23, 4:30pm Lucas Weaver University of Michigan Exploring the intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms underlying macroevolutionary patterns in early mammalian evolution
March 30, 4:30pm Pia Viglietti The Field Museum Evidence from South Africa for a protracted end-Permian mass extinction event on land
April 13, 4:30pm 2023 Sewall Wright Lecture:
Sofia Casasa
Boston University announced soon!
April 27, 4:30pm Susan Williams Ohio University Chewing it over: Sensorimotor integration and the dynamics of mammalian mastication across timescales
May 11, 4:30pm Ricardo Mallarino Princeton University The developmental basis of biological diversity: patterning mechanisms in mammalian skin

Students, please note: if you would like to hear an EvMorph seminar that you missed, please click on the seminar title to access the Zoom recording.

The annual Sewall Wright Lecture honors Dr. Sewall Wright (12/21/1889-3/3/1988), a pioneer in evolutionary biology and a co-founder of population genetics, who taught at the University of Chicago for three decades. Each year, Darwinian Sciences students nominate and vote for their chosen speaker, who is given the honor of delivering a special seminar as part of the Spring EvMorph series.


Winter Quarter 2023 EvMorphs

Autumn Quarter 2022 EvMorphs




        2021-22 EvMorph speakers
        Autumn Quarter 2021: 
        • Evan Saitta, Field Museum, Oct. 7
          Molecular fossil hunting: Analytical and experimental taphonomy
        • Jingmai O'Connor, Field Museum, Oct. 21
          The importance of the Jehol Lagerstatten in understanding the evolution of modern avian physiology
        • Jim Usherwood, Royal Veterinary College, Nov. 11
          Some implications of the scaling of work and power relating to animal form and gait | Legs as linkages
        • Jon Nations, UChicago GeoSci postdoc, Dec. 2
          Function, history, and ecology in two exceptional (and exceptionally different) mammal radiations
        Winter Quarter 2022:
        • Kara Feilich, UChicago OBA postdoc, Jan. 13
          Swimming lessons: A trait-based approach to organismal performance and biodiversity
        • Mark Westneat/Callum Ross, UChicago OBA, Jan. 20
          Evolutionary biomechanics of vertebrate feeding: New approaches, exciting frontiers, and novel insights
        • Nick Crouch, UChicago GeoSci postdoc, Feb. 10
          Macroevolutionary radiations and the formation of regional species assemblages
        • Sara Ruane, Field Museum-Herpetology, Feb. 24
          Study Snakes! What would you want to do that for?
        Spring Quarter 2022: 
        • María Natalia Umaña, University of Michigan, March 31
          Tropical ecology, functional trait ecology, plant community ecology
        • Melissa Kemp, University of Texas-Austin, April 14
          Biodiversity in the Anthropocene: Insights from paleobiology and morphology
        • Annual Sewall Wright speaker: Amy Angert, University of British Columbia, April 28
          Population and community dynamics in a rapidly changing climate
        • Akinobu Watanabe, NY Institute of Technology, May 12
          Building a phenomic universe: High-resolution shape analysis of skull and brain evolution in birds and reptiles