Below you will find links to a variety of relevant and useful CEB, University, and external resources: 

CEB student resources 

includes info on remote learning resources, CEB student handbook, BSD online TA form, financial reimbursement forms, UChicago computing resources

Resources for Applicants / Prospective Students

info to help strengthen your application to the CEB program, as well as learn about the University, the Biological Sciences Division, and the Hyde Park area of Chicago

Grants, Funding and Fellowship opportunities

lists diverse organizations offering various forms of funding support to graduate students in evolutionary biology

Field Sites and Training Programs

info on field sites/training programs throughout the country, to develop and strengthen your research, data collection, and analytical skills

Professional Societies, Organizations and Associations

groups offering networking, research and job opportunities, funding support, and opportunities to advance in your field

University of Chicago resources

services available through UChicagoGRAD, support for teaching, University discounts, and useful University policies