Satie Airame
Population structure and viability of stream-dwelling frogs from Borneo, 1999
Advisor: Mathew Leibold, Catherine Pfister
Current Position: Bren School of Environmental Science & Management Assistant Dean for Academic Programs University of California, Santa Barbara
Hussein Al-Asadi
Statistical Methods for Genetic Data, 2018
Advisor: John Novembre, Matthew Stephens
Current Position: Adaptive Biotechnologies Statistical Geneticist Seattle Washington
Michael Alfaro
Systematics and the evolution of aquatic prey capture in Thamnophiine snakes., 2000
Advisor: Mark Westneat
Current Position: Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Professor University of California Los Angeles
Nadya Ali
Understanding the intrinsic and extrinsic factors driving infertility in the endangered black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes), 2022
Advisor: Marcus Kronforst & Rachel Santymire
Julie Alipaz
The Nature of Incipient Speciation in Drosophila, 2001
Advisor: Chung-I Wu
Current Position: Fluidigm Corporation Associate Director of Consumables Production
John Alroy
Quantitative mammalian biochronology and biogeography of North America, 1994
Advisor: David M. Raup, David Jablonski
Current Position: Macquarie University Associate Professor Biological Sciences, Macquarie University
Jacob Roman Arguello
Evolutionary Dynamics of Gene Families and the Fourth Chromosome in Drosophila, 2008
Advisor: Manyuan Long
Current Position: SNSF, Department of Ecology & Evolution Assistant Professor Lausanne, Switzerland
Courtney Babbitt
Developmental Systematics: Synthesizing Ontogeny and Phylogeny in the Malacostraca (Crustacea), 2005
Advisor: Nipam Patel, Neil Shubin
Current Position: University of Massachusetts Amherst Assistant Professor
F. Keith Barker
The evolution of cooperative breeding in Campylorhynchus wrens: A comparative approach, 1999
Advisor: Barry Chernoff
Current Position: Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Associate Professor University of Minnesota
Allison Beck
The Locomotor Evolution of the Non-Mammalian Synapsids, 2004
Advisor: Michael LaBarbera, James Hopson
Current Position: Black Hawk College Assistant Professor of Biology Moline, IL