Courtney Stepien
The roles of evolutionary history and ecological interactions in the maintenance of a high-diversity macroalgal assemblage, 2016
Advisor: Catherine Pfister
Current Position: Enova International Senior Analyst, Business and Portfolio Forecasting Chicago, IL
Scott Steppan
Phylogenetic relationships of the phyllotines (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae) and the evolution of phenotypic patterns of covariation in Phyllotis, 1995
Advisor: Bruce Patterson
Current Position: Department of Biological Science Professor Florida State University
William Stevens
Morphometric analysis of skull shape in living and fossil carnivora (Mammalia: Eutheria), 1994
Advisor: James Hopson
Current Position: Department of Biological Sciences Associate Professor Georgetown College
Douglas Stotz
Foraging behavior and morphology in the avian genus Myrmotherula, 1990
Advisor: Scott Lanyon
Current Position: Keller Science Action Center - The Field Museum Senior Conservation Ecologist Chicago, IL
K Supriya
Effect of ants on elevational diversity pattern of birds in the Eastern Himalaya, 2019
Advisor: Corrie Moreau, Trevor Price
Current Position: Arizona State University, School of Life Sciences Post-doctoral researcher Tempe, AZ
Sherman Suter
Phylogenetic analyses of cassiduloid echinoids (Echinodermata: Neognathostomata): morphology, homoplasy, and stratigraphic data, 1994
Advisor: David Jablonski
Rebecca Thomas
The evolution of cranial ossification sequences in ostariophysan fishes, 2003
Advisor: Barry Chernoff
Current Position: Department of Biology Chair, Biology Department Rockville Campus Montgomery College
Vinton Thompson
Recombination and response to selection for positive phototaxis in Drosophila melanogaster: does sex accelerate evolution?, 1974
Advisor: Leigh Van Valen
Gaylord Throckmorton
Oral food processing and digestive efficiency in herbivorous iguanid and agamid lizards, 1974
Advisor: James Hopson
Current Position: Southwestern Medical School Professor Emeritus, Department of Cell Biology University of Texas at Dallas
David Townsend
The genetic basis of a complex phenotype, 1990
Advisor: Russell Lande